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Are you a techie who knows how to write? Then join our Team! Especially English native speakers welcome! Smartphones these days are incredibly powerful with flagship devices boasting performance suitable for use in PCs.

Tapping into that power in a laptop form without needing to buy a new laptop has long been a dream of many and the NexDock 2 could be just the way to do it. The NexDock 2 is now shipping to backers of its Kickstarter campaign. It looks like a premium laptop and is made from aluminum, incorporates a large trackpad, features a full-size edge-to-edge keyboard and includes a USB-C port 3. Best Displaysfor University Students.

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Three years after the original comes another NexDock, a laptop shell aimed at owners of Android phones or lovers of the diminutive Raspberry Pi and its brethren. I've been delighted with my Gemini Psion-a-like. They delivered the device! In fact they're just about to release an update to the latest version of Android.

The ongoing support since I received it has been at least as good as I'd have expected from a big name vendor. I was seriously tempted by one of these myself, and still sometime get close to buying. It's called the Cosmo Communicator after the famous Nokiahas a small second screen piggybacked on the back of the main one so it can make and take calls when the clamshell is closed, and is on Indiegogo.

Ah yes, thanks for the reminder. I need to get in touch with them - I may have a vey good reason for them for a v2 so it's worth a chat. As an aside not related to the abovethis appears to be the one current smartphone that could be coaxed into being usable for blind people as well. I bought one of the very early ones. The keyboard is terrible - keys don't work unless you press them right in the middle including the space bar.

The customer support from Planet Computers has been exceptional in my experience. They are very accomodating and quick to respond to support requests.

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To be completely honest the Gemini has received more in the way of updates and documentation than a lot of big name brands. Recently I had to switch away from my Gemini for about 4 weeks to a regular candy bar smartphone and that pretty much confirmed to me that working without the Gemini was a royal pain in the backside.

The Gemini is good enough for most work applications, to the point where I'd stopped taking a laptop and bag to client meetings altogether. My email to hello has yielded a support ticket, but as yet no response so let's just say that I'm not very impressed myself. Its people like you I end up yelling at when one of our trackballs departs this pale blue sphere. What the trackball balls are bigger and hurt more than the weedy ones inside regular mice of the time!

Looks like a great tool for plugging into normally headless machines for maintenance. Instead of the more usual monitor balanced on an old cardboard box with the keyboard on your lap and mouse on the floor.

In our data center we call the cart with a monitor and keyboard on it the "crash cart," but anything with "crash" in the name would probably be poor marketing. Given this is a model recommended by "experts", what do you expect? As with other good ideas car-pooling, couch-surfing, social networking, alternative payment schemes, etc. Why are you surprised? It works exactly the same with most products, all thats changed is the size of the shop window.

Instead of talking to a few key clients - you spaff it out over the internet.Last year, Nex Computers ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for the NexDock 2, a laptop shell primarily designed for use with your smartphone. The company raised half a million dollars easily and sold out of the device completely. The story of NexDock is quite impressive, as the company was able to bring a product to life with a limited design team and without any VC funding.

The NexDock 2 represents a fairly new type of product colloquially referred to as a laptop shell. However, you could also hook up other systems to the NexDock 2, such as a Raspberry Pi or other single-board computer. Pretty much anything that is designed to output video and operates via some form of human input could benefit from something like the NexDock 2.

The bottom line, though, is that the NexDock 2 is pretty much useless without some other device providing the guts. With the NexDock 2 powered on, connect your smartphone to it using one of the many high-quality USB-C cables Nex Computers includes in the box with the shell.

nexdock 2 buy

Once you connect, the NexDock 2 displays your smartphone on its monitor. Smartphones without Dex or something similar will simply be mirrored on the NexDock.

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For example, my OnePlus 7 Prowhich does not allow for the home screen to be shown in landscape mode, shows only a vertical smartphone screen on the NexDock display.

Check out what I mean in the photo gallery below. While your phone is connected to the NexDock 2, a symbiotic relationship forms. The NexDock steals computing power from the phone and the phone ingests battery power from the NexDock. You have access to everything from the phone: all the apps, files, text messages, contacts, etc. The NexDock 2 will go into power-saving mode until the next time you need it.

I was immediately stunned by the premium design. That premium build: The brushed aluminum finish of the NexDock 2 makes it look and feel like a professional machine. There are subtle design elements that you would usually find on more expensive laptops, such as the ability to open the NexDock 2 with just one hand.

I found the cursor movement to be accurate and I got comfortable using the machine quite quickly. The 6,mAh battery inside lasted me for seven hours of straight use with the smartphone attached being at full battery.

That was not seven hours of light usage, either, that was seven hours of writing without the screen going dark once. You could probably get five or six hours of straight use out of the NexDock 2 if you maxed those out. Not so with the NexDock 2. All the cables: The NexDock 2 comes with so many cables. Basically, wherever you live and whichever Android smartphone or Raspberry Pi you own, the cables you need to connect to the NexDock 2 are likely in the box.

Although I sometimes had to remind myself that I was running a review of a laptop shell and not an actual laptop, I experienced some real head-scratching moments during my time creating this NexDock 2 review. The NexDock weighs about 3.

It sort of transformed the NexDock into a fancy Linux machine. In the future, Android could have its own desktop interface built right in, but it will be a while before that happens. If you want a simple and inexpensive computing solution, you could buy something like the NexDock 2 or a similarly priced Chromebook.These devices are few and far between, but compatible ones have considerable charm and value for Raspberry Pi users.

Laptop docks are primarily designed to extend Android phones into working laptops. Raspberry Pi provides the brains; NexDock 2 is the keyboard, mouse, and screen. And what a lovely screen it is: the The edge-to-edge full-sized backlit keyboard is equally impressive, with responsive chiclet-style keys that are suitably clicky. Typing is a breeze. The nest of cables is an issue. Be sure to disconnect everything when you pack up. The weakest link is the trackpad.

And if you use a thumb to click, the cursor jumps from the clicked point. The lack of hardware and software integration soon becomes apparent. Closing the screen shuts off the power to the display, but not immediately to Raspberry Pi, which carries on running for a short time until the power is yanked. We took to using shutdown -h now when done and removing all the cables. The finicky trackpad, nest of wires and dongles, and lack of creature comforts will drive you round the bend.

However, NexDock 2 is ideal for users who need to power up a Raspberry Pi at an event. An incredibly useful, yet far from perfect, solution to using Raspberry Pi on the move. Build a DOS emulation system. This robot can play scales, chords, arpeggios, or totally new musical scores. Phil King listens in.

Make a great impression with a fancy e-ink name badge or custom display that subtly shows off your tech skills. Upgrading a bed into a childhood dream is apparently easy with Raspberry Pi, as a sleepy Rob Zwetsloot found out. Rob Zwetsloot puts on his best smile and takes a look.PhoneBook vs NexDock 2 Discussion self.

DEX 전용 노트북이 있다고? 갤럭시 스마트폰을 연결하면 노트북으로 변신! NEXDOCK 넌 뉴규?!

A phone pocket or an upwards USB-C port placement at the back of the monitor could have been better imho. Still like my HP Lapdock. Really wish it had hdmi in so I could connect my PC stick to it. Other than that I like that's it's small and light. These devices are nice but lbs is heavy IMO.

If I were to buy another similar device I might get one of those portable touchscreens with the battery which are still around the 2 lb range. Just one or two update emails a month. From promotion videos about phonebook - not onces i can see that they demonstrating android desktop UI : DeX or Huawei one.

I think that this phonebook device functions as screen mirroring devices and not HDMI output.

NexDock 2 offers a better lapdock for Samsung and Huawei phones

So i don't think DeX will work on this tbh. That just seems silly how the phone dangles off like that. There should have been someway to slot the phone inside of it. Does it really matter? I mean layout depends on device you use and how it is configured, you can switch to qwertz layout even with qwerty keyboard, you have just switched labels Z and Ybut you can solve it with stickers :.

Corona Virus hit. They delivered a first batch using their own cash. But they can't start production of the rest until the Chinese Government gives them a pass.

nexdock 2 buy

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NexDock 2 laptop dock for Samsung DeX, Raspberry Pi starts shipping to backers

Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. SamsungDex submitted 7 months ago by RehabilitativeAttack. The problem is when you take one of these on your lap the phone is just going to dangle. Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment!

Create an account. Only Phonebook can and will send all orders in Dez worldwide Even if it's January or february it would be years ahead of Mirabook, NextDock2.As each year has passed, that dream comes closer to coming true.

Today I want to show you the NexDock 2. The NexDock looks like your typical laptop. It has an aluminum outer shell with the Nex logo on the lid. There is significance to the ports. You have to use specific ports for different connectivity options — smartphone, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Note that if you use another charger, it might not charge as quickly as the one that is included with the NexDock. The keyboard is your typical laptop-style keyboard with flat keys. That said, I have found it comfortable to touch type on and I have had no issues with the layout of the keys.

I prefer a smoother surface because I think it makes it easier to scroll through long pages and across the screen when the pad is smooth. Depending your device, you can use one of two display modes. Most people will choose to use the desktop mode which is shown above. In this mode, your phone is effectively turned into a laptop as you are presented with a desktop-style interface. Seriously though, with either Samsung or Huawei, the user interface is very similar to Windows or macOS with a taskbar, icons, and a notification area in the right corner.

Most apps will launch in their own window but be aware that not all of the app windows are resizable.

Eggrider setup

As you can see, you can launch multiple apps at a time just like with Windows and macOS. Most app windows can be moved around, minimized, maximized to full screen, stacked, etc. For the most part, the desktop interface works as you would expect it to work. But I did run into a couple of issues.

The first problem occurred when I was using the Gmail app to read my emails. As you can see in the image above, the text is overlapping. This does not happen all the time. The video also shows some basic functionality of the NexDock and the Huawei desktop mode.

But, if I switch to phone mode and launch the Netflix app on my phone and then turn the phone in landscape orientation, I can watch Netflix in full screen on the NexDock.

Weird huh? YouTube and Hulu work fine in desktop mode.NexDock with no CPU, memory or OS, is a quiet, fanless laptop shell engineered to harness the productivity of smartphones. NexDock turns your Smartphone into a Laptop. What the Media Are Saying. Watch on YouTube.

NexDock 2 hands-on: Work anywhere with your Samsung smartphone. Go to ZDNet. NexDock 2 First Look!

NexDock 2 review

Turn your phone into a laptop! Go to The Register. NexDock 2. How does it work?

nexdock 2 buy

Once you connect your smartphone to Nexdock, your apps become resizable and the Android interface is presented in Windows-like environment. At a fraction of the cost of a laptop….

NexDock simply works like any other laptop without the steep price. Explore Compatible Smartphones. Your smartphone is more productive with NexDock. Browse the Internet, type and send emails on a bigger screen.

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Create and edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations. Continue using your phone. Enjoy your apps and social media on a bigger screen.



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